Lottery Instruction

Game Rule

Lottery is a simple game. At any time during your stay at vinagames.com, you can buy a lottery ticket. The server draw a number between 00 and 99 from time to time, and if that number matches your number, you win.

Lottery is not a game by itself. You can play it from anywhere, even when you are playing another game.

Prize, bonus, and lottery drawing

The lottery numbers are drawn from a precomputed sequence of numbers. This sequence while being deterministic has many property of a truly random sequence, which in theory, one cannot predict the next number in the sequence using the staticstical distributions of previous numbers. Lottery game is meant to be a game of luck only.

If the number being drawn matches your number, you win 100 times what you paid for your ticket. If you lose, you lose the ticket amount. The server doesn't lose or win money on average.

Unless you cancel your ticket (i.e. setting your ticket amount to 0), the server assumes that you keep your number for your next drawing.

As lottery is a high risk high pay game, it should be noticed that many people would lose money, and a few would win a lot of more money. Just like lottery in real life, a few win lottery at the expense of many losers. The server should stay even in a long run.

People with $20k or less are eligible for bonus. If the number being drawn is one above or below their ticket number, they win (instead of lose) an amount equal to the ticket price. People with more than $20k are not elligible for this bonus.

Buying lottery ticket

You can buy a lottery ticket using the boxes in Options window. You can also buy ticket using direct command. Type:
  /LOTTERY number amount
  for example, /LOTTERY 34 300
to buy a $300 ticket on number 34.
Direct command should work even when you are playing in a room other than lobby.

Using lottery money for other games

Lottery account is an account by itself, though there is a small difference. If you have more than $500k in your lottery account, you can transfer the amount over $500k to the accounts for other game. For example, if you have $700k in lottery, you can go to a Blackjack room and type:
  /LTAKE 100000
to transfer $100k to your Blackjack account.
Transfer of $$ out of lottery is not recommended, and there is no way you can transfer $$ back into lottery.