Catte Instruction

Game objective

Catte is a trick taking game with the objective being to win the last round. Its rule is somewhat similar to a chinese game Tien Gow though a standard western card deck is used instead of dominos.

Each player receives 6 cards at the beginning. In each round, the round leader starts with a card. Other players then take turn either to discard a card (facing down), or play a card (facing up) of the same suit and higher rank. Whoever plays the last card in a round wins the round and leads the next round.

There are some exceptions on the 5th and 6th rounds. If a player fails to win any round in the first 4 rounds, he/she can't participate in these rounds. Also, during the 5th round, only the round leader leaves his/her card face up, all other players play a card facing down. The 6th round is automatically played right after the 5th round ends.

Using The Program

Once you enter a catte room, you are an observer. To reserve your sit, you can click on one of the empty seats (denoted by [None]), or on the button "Sit". If there is no seat available, consider open a new table, or wait for someone to leave, or go to a different table. Double click on a table will let you to go there.

Once you have a sit, you can play the next time the cards are dealt. If there is no game in progress, you can click on "Deal" to ask the server to deal cards. There must be at least 2 people to play.

To play, wait for your turn (when the time limit clock runs on your screen). You can then select a card, and click on the action button. Depending on the card you select and the stage of the game, this button would be either a Play or Discard or Show button. You can optionally discard a card even before it's your turn to play.

All the cards played in each round are compared to the leading card (the first card played). The one who plays the card with the same suit as the leading card and with the highest rank wins the round. This winner leads the next round.

You need to win at least once in the first 4 rounds to be eligible to play the 5th round.

In the 5th round, only the leader of the round show his card. Each eligible player presents a card that is only visible to himself/herself. When all eligible players have played, the winner of the 5th round is selected, and this person would lead the last round. Whoever wins the last round wins. You'll see the cards in the 5th and 6th round together, with the 5th round cards underneath the 6th round cards.

Prize and bonus

At the beginning of each game, each player put in some amount (default $20). At the end, the winner takes all the money.

Additionally, for games with 3 or more people, if one leaves one of the smallest cards (in rank) as the last card and still win the game, he/she receives bonus from each of the players still alive in the 5th round. The amount of bonus varies. With the default bet of $20, the bonus is $5 for the K, $10 for Q, ..., $60 for the 2. For more information on betting amount, click here.

Various bonuses are also available. If you win all first 4 rounds, you will receives a bonus equal to half the betting amount from each person. If you play an ace in the first four rounds, you will also receive a bonus.