Blackjack Instruction

Game Objective

The objective of Blackjack is to get the sum of all the cards as close to 21 as possible without going over it. We are implementing a Vietnamese variance blackjack at this site.

The value of cards from 2 to 10 is the value of the cards. The card value of Jack, Queen, and King is 10. The value of any individual Ace in a hand is either 1 or 10 or 11, whichever makes the hand the most valuable. The value of a card set is the sum of of all the card values.

Each players have 2 cards initially. The clients either "hit" to get more card(s) or "stay" (to decline to take more cards). After all the clients are done, the host can "hit" or "check" the clients. The host can start checking the clients before finishing hitting all cards.

All players are required to get at least 16 for their hands with the exception of Magic Five (i.e. a hand with 5 cards). Failure to do so results in a lost of the game (and the seat, too).

To determine whether a client or the host wins, the following order on card set is used in the game:

  1. Double Ace(2 aces) is the best possible combination
  2. Black Jack(one ace and one 10/J/Q/K) is second best
  3. Magic Five (5 cards with combined value less than 21). Between Magic Five card sets, the smaller the combined card value, the better.
  4. Regular set with combined card value between 16 and 21. The higher the combined card value, the better.
  5. Over (busted) set with combined card value of 22 or more. All over sets are equal.
  6. Under set with combined card value of 15 with the exception of NguLinh is consider illegal. You'll lose automatically with an under value set.

Using This Program

Once you enter a blackjack room, you are an observer. To reserve your sit, you can click on one of the empty seats (denoted by [None]) or the button "Sit". If there is no seat available, consider open a new table, or wait for someone to leave, or go to a different table. Double click on a table will let you to go there.

Once you have a sit, you can play the next time the cards are dealt. If there is no game in progress, you can click on "Deal" to ask the server to deal cards. There must be at least 2 people to play.

If your name is in red color, you're the host of the game. Otherwise, you're be a client. All the clients play against the host. All players take turn to be host. If you do not wish to be a host, click on the "NoHost" button when it is your turn to become host.

Each game consists of 2 roughly phases after the cards are dealt:

  1. The clients either "Hit" or "Stay" to get or deny to get more cards. By the end of the second phase, the client must hit Stay. To prevent giving host any clue on your cards, the server does not automatically force you to Stay. Failing to stay would result in losing the game and the current seat. Note also that unlike real life game, the clients don't have to hit in order.
  2. The host can hit to get more card(s). If his card value is 16 or more, he can check one or more clients. The host can hit for more cards and check the remaining clients. If the host is over, the server will force him to stay.


Before the cards are dealt, all the clients can change their bet by selecting an appropriate amount they want to bet. The current amount is displayed on the game board. You must have sufficient money to cover the bet. For more information on betting amount, click here. All the bets are between clients and the current game host.