Frequently Asked Questions about Bluenicks

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Is it safe to order online?
All credit card orders at Vinagames are handled either by processors PayPal and, both have good reputation for secured online credit card processing. Your credit card information are encrypted (with SSL) to ensure secured transfer.
When do I get my bluenick and my bonus game money?

If you make the order via credit card, your nick will be blue after you complete the order. You will need to relogin for any change in your status to show. It may take up to 24 hours after you order for us to review the order and give you the bonus game money. Within that 24 hours, you will receive a temporary bluenick status.

If you make the order via money order or check, we will make your nick blue and give you the bonus game money after we receive the money order. Once you have send the money order/check to us, you could send us the check number via email to . We would give you a 7 days temporary bluenick status while your mail is on the way to us.

How is my account affected once I order a bluenick?
Your nick will become blue. Whatever game money you have in your account will remain in your account. The bonus game money will then be added. Your game money is not reset in anyway.
Can I transfer the bluenick status to a different nick?
Vinagames' account name cannot be changed once it is created. The bluenick status and the game money is associated with the nick and cannot be transfered to another account.
Can I kick out other people once I have a bluenick?
Bluenick does not have any extra privilege in kicking. To learn about bluenick privileges, click here. Please note that anyone (bluenick or not) who owns a table can use command /eject or /block to remove unwanted members from his/her table.
Should I have better (worse) cards once I have a bluenick?
No. All cards are dealt randomly. Each valid set of cards is equally likely to be dealt to any of the players. Server does not make any distinction when dealing cards to bluenicks or blacknicks, nor make any distinction regarding when or how you obtain your bluenicks or game money.
I already have a bluenick. Could I get more bonus without any bluenick time for my future orders?

If your account is already a bluenick account for at least 1 year, you could request (by sending an email to ) to have your new orders to be converted into bonus only orders (and no bluenick expiration extention). You could have 4 times the regular bonus for exactly one game, or have 2 times the regular bonus for 3 different games. For example, if you order a 2 year plan (with a $10M bonus) and ask for a conversion, you would get no additional bluenick time and $40M bonus in one game.

If you want game money in only one game, you could use the following page to order online.

I already have a bluenick. If I order bluenick again, do I lose my previous bluenick time?
No, the server will add more time to your existing bluenick time and more bonus to your accounts each time you order.
Could I have all the bonus for my bluenick order to be in one game?
No, the server keeps the money for each of the games separate, and it not possible to transfer the money from one game to another.
How do I make an online order for someone else?
You can always buy a bluenick for someone else while buying a bluenick for yourself. This is the only way you can buy bluenick for someone else if you yourself do not have a bluenick. If you already have a bluenick, you do not have to buy for yourself again. Simply login with your bluenick, and in the order form, put the nick(s) you would like to order for. You should not use someone else's nick, as doing so violates Vinagames Terms of Service.
Could I let someone else to use my account in order for that person to buy a bluenick for me?
No, it is a violation of Vinagames Terms of Service to let someone else to use your account. You should keep your password only to yourself. If a person wish to buy you a bluenick, he/she can always do so without knowing your password.
I ordered bluenick for an account. Could you send me the password of that account?
No. You can always retrieve your password via for a nick that you own. If someone else owns a nick you like, buying bluenick for it (via the gift option) does not make the nick yours. Whoever owns the nick before the ordering continues to own that nick.
Can I use the game money for anything?
You can use the game money to play game, of course. Lack of it often means that you cannot play in higher bet tables or to join tournaments. Besides that, not much else. You cannot use it to exchange for anything of real value or bluenicks. Vinagames is not a gambling site.
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